Can TikTok fix your life?

Some influencers use their social media channels to sell makeup, supplements, or shapewear. Dr. Julie Smith has a higher purpose: she creates TikTok videos to make mental health education accessible to everyone. Her mission has earned her more than 4 million followers on that platform. In our latest Instaread, we look at her practical advice for managing emotions effectively, dealing with grief and stress, and much more.

Always Pack a Snack

Emotions aren’t just mystical states of mind. Often, feelings are influenced by our physical experience. The next time you’re suffering from low mood, check in with your body to see if there’s an easy fix. Being hungry, dehydrated, or tired makes you more susceptible to negative thought patterns. You know how babies cry when they’re hungry? A lot of what we experience is basically a more sophisticated version of that—and just as easy to fix.

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