A True Story From The Wild West

Kit Carson was a legend of the American West — a trapper, guide, and soldier. He was unusual among his contemporaries in that he also deeply understood (and tried to honor) the native peoples there. Set against the backdrop of the decades-long battle between the Navajos and the Americans who threatened their land and their very way of life, Blood and Thunder details Carson’s life and times. 

An Ambush Full of Murder

James White, a trader, was traveling with his family westward on the Santa Fe Trail. They were stopped by a group of Indians who demanded gifts. White was a stubborn man, and he refused to pay them. He knew that the men joining him were armed and the Indian men weren’t many. But a bit later, the Indians came back stronger. They ambushed the group and killed everyone except for White’s wife, Ann, who they kidnapped. A boy witnessed the incident and told the authorities. 

Carson and his men heard about the White massacre and went to visit the scene of the crime. And you won’t believe what happened next…

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