Heir vs. Spare

Poor Prince Harry. It’s not easy being fifth in line to the throne. He and Meghan Markle made headlines when they defected to North America. Now in California, Harry recently released his tell-all memoir Spare to great fanfare. So what’s in it?

The Royal Rumble

Harry’s memoir is packed with petty grievances. (Apparently, Will and Kate were mad that Meghan and Harry didn’t give them Easter presents.) But there were more serious problems, too. Harry and Will’s office staffs exacerbated the tension by stoking the rivalry. There was constant bickering around the offices, and Will blamed Meghan for the toxic atmosphere. 

When the media started building a super-narrative that Meghan was some sort of evil witch, Harry knew that they were being assisted by his own family. One day, Will asked for a meeting with his brother to discuss his sister-in-law. He said that Meghan was difficult, rude, and abrasive and had alienated half the staff. Things escalated, and Will started calling Harry names and grabbed him by the collar, knocking him to the floor. Harry was proud of himself for not hitting back. 

Harry was disheartened that no one from his family stood up for him and Meghan against the media. He’d always convinced himself that just because his family didn’t openly reject media attacks didn’t mean they agreed with them. But he began to doubt everything he thought he knew about them.

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