Would You Live Out of a Van?

Have you ever considered giving everything up and leaving your normal life behind? 

That’s what Brianna Madia did after she decided to roam the American desert in an old orange van. She and her husband Neil got rid of almost all their belongings and began to live out of the vehicle and travel around the southwest. At first, she kept her office job. But eventually, she left that behind, too. 

As it turns out, living in a van with your spouse and pets is a real test of a relationship, and Brianna and Neil didn’t pass. The point of crisis came when Neil accidentally injured one of their dogs. The dog recovered, but the relationship did not.   

Adventures have a way of changing you. The process can be difficult, but it can also make you grow in ways you don’t expect. Check out the story that everyone’s talking about with our Instaread on Brianna’s memoir, Nowhere for Very Long.

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