How to Execute in 7 Easy Steps

Strategy sessions are great. But it’s easy to get so caught up in the details that you neglect to really get the job done. For better or for worse, your capacity to execute can you set you apart from your business rivals.

Execution is the main predictor of success among big and small companies. It’s a methodical procedure that involves asking questions, debate, focus, and accountability. Experts say that seven behaviors are key:

  • Know your people (including their skills and what motivates them)
  • Learn from mistakes 
  • Set clear goals
  • Follow through on priorities
  • Reward high performers
  • Work on expanding your capabilities
  • Be honest with yourself and others

Across the board, energy and momentum, robust dialogue, and an open-minded approach are needed to implement good plans. Learn how to get results fast with our Instaread on Execution.

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