How to Build Your Own Personal Assistant

Our brains are good at lots of things. But they’re not great at managing knowledge. With so much information coming at us from all directions, we need a system for capturing—and retrieving—information that’s important.

Productivity expert Tiago Forte developed his “second brain” note-taking system to help him manage a complicated medical condition. It’s a method where you use your phone or tablet to store and grab different bits of information, whether it’s a quote from a film or a thought you had during a meeting.

Notes might contain to-do lists, takeaways from conferences, lessons learned, or interesting facts from an article. When you store information in this way, you can use it to generate different kinds of content. You’ll feel more organized, creative, and motivated to get your work and personal projects done.

We have all the details you need to get started in our Instaread on Building a Second Brain.

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