3 Steps to Financial Stability

If you’re just starting out, financial freedom may seem like an impossible dream. Our latest Instaread, which is designed for people in their 20s and 30s (or anyone who needs to make a fresh start), can help launch your financial security.

The number one priority, especially for people in the United States, is to purchase health insurance. Once that’s covered, set aside a few months of living expenses. These two steps will help prevent financial disaster in case of an emergency.

After that, your next step is to save, save, save. A relatively painless way to start is to arrange for 15 percent of your monthly income to automatically transfer into a savings account. 

That’s it! It may seem basic, but these three steps will put you well on your way to building a lifestyle that’s financially secure. For more on how to handle debt, investments, and mortgages, visit our Instaread on Get a Financial Life

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