Are You Juggling Too Much?

Finding the perfect equilibrium between work and family is a myth that has haunted workers for decades. Here’s the hard truth: they cannot be balanced. The actual model we have is more like work-life Jenga. It consists of making the best strategic moves and hoping that the whole pile doesn’t come crashing down.

A lot of people give all their attention to their families and employers, making the mistake of neglecting self-care. Not having time to yourself is a sure path to burnout. Try meditation, exercise, painting, or gardening if you don’t already have a hobby. You’ll reconnect with yourself and return to others more energized.

As you choose priorities, remember that both your head and your heart need to be engaged. For more career and life advice from the political firecracker Stacey Abrams, check out our Instaread on Lead from the Outside.

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