Does Being a Genius Mean Being a Jerk?

A genius is easy to love in theory. But the truth is that some of our greatest minds were less-than-great people. Many of the geniuses we celebrate today were self-centered and obsessive, or even downright abusive.

Sure, there are exceptions to the rule. Marie Curie and Leonardo da Vinci were considered exemplary human beings. But the majority of people we revere as legends were not nice or even tolerable to be around. Steve Jobs was obnoxious and arrogant. Isaac Newton stole data and faked evidence. And Albert Einstein was really hard to get along with.

It’s important to remember that genius is based on accomplishment, not character. Character is rightfully important to us, and you don’t want to lose track of your relationships on your way to success.

By picking apart the characteristics of geniuses, we can better enhance our own creativity while leaving the bad parts behind. Find out how in our Instaread on The Hidden Habits of Genius.

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