Bill O’Reilly Takes on the Mob

In January 1925, Al Capone became the head of the Chicago Outfit, a giant mob that controlled many illegal businesses across the US. This extensive crime network operated in near total secrecy. When Capone was finally jailed about a decade later, it was for tax evasion—not the many murders he had committed.

Written by O’Reilly and the bestselling historical author Martin Dugard, Killing the Mob examines how vicious lawbreakers and organized crime rocked American life and business in the twentieth century. Capone is just one of many colorful criminals who bring this incredible story to life.

For decades, the country’s internal security was seriously challenged by the small, scattered groups of felons and the network known as the Mafia or the mob. But the efforts of law enforcement and key political figures like Robert Kennedy have seriously diminished their influence.

Looking for all the gory details with none of the worry of getting whacked? Check out our Instaread on Killing the Mob.

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