All You Need Is Love

Actions always speak louder than words. This old saying is never more true than when it comes to love, Christianity’s most treasured principle. Unfortunately, some people prefer to talk about God’s love without letting it work in their own lives.

Loving nice people is easy. But what about not-so-nice people, or lonely people, or even your enemies? Motivational speaker Bob Goff says that God wants you to love all those people, too. In doing so, you’ll find that you grow in your faith.

Putting our own needs aside to focus on others won’t necessarily reap earthly rewards. You must not crave recognition for acts of kindness. Love will often go unnoticed by your fellow humans, but God is always paying attention.

Reaching out to people you don’t know well can be scary, but faith always trumps fear. For more insights into how to be an open, caring person and get closer to God, check out our Instaread on Everybody Always.

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