How to Make a Deal

You can’t teach someone how to make a deal. The process is more about soul-searching, trusting your instincts, and letting your inner voice guide next steps.

Digital media pioneer Richard Wolpert should know—he has  worked with industry titans like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Now he’s distilled everything he has learned about how to negotiate into one practical manual, The Soul of a Deal.

One of Wolpert’s insights is that you must be willing to discard a potential deal to have a shot at your intended result. Before you begin negotiating, pinpoint your true walk-away position. Then be willing to modify your stance to get the best deal, so long as you don’t cross that hard line.

Deciding in advance which points cannot be compromised will make the deal-making process feel less tense. If at any point it  becomes clear that you can’t reach an understanding, just politely end the meeting.

For more insights into The Soul of a Deal, head over to the Instaread library.

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