Can Drugs Make You More Religious?

Twenty-seven percent of Americans consider themselves to be spiritual. But they shy away from organized religion and places of worship.

The younger generation, it seems, is looking for something different. And experiments with psilocybin at schools like Johns Hopkins and New York University may be pointing the way toward a new mysticism based on ancient mysteries.

Psychedelic drugs in mystic ceremonies were used thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. Cult members secretly sneaked hallucinogenic drugs into their sanctuary without letting non-initiates know what they were doing. Some believe these rites were the basis of future religions like Christianity.

Thousands of years later, researchers at Hopkins and NYU are converting atheists into instant believers with a single dose of psilocybin. To learn more about the secret history of psychedelics and their modern applications, check out our Instaread on The Immortality Key.

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