Good to Great

Weekend Wisdom – Your Path to Greatness

A lot of companies are good. But there’s a big difference between good and great—and many people are unsure about how to effect the transformation.

In the aptly titled GOOD TO GREAT, author Jim Collins shows how to transform an average company into an outstanding organization. One piece of advice he offers is to always be honest about failures and shortcomings.

Collins points out that the first step to overcoming a weakness is to acknowledge it.

The brutal facts of difficult situations can be hard to confront. But a company will never improve without a candid assessment of problems and weaknesses. Radical honesty is the only way to recognize and address entrenched problems that are holding the company back.

The crucial companions to honesty are optimism and faith. Even as a leader confronts shortcomings and offers critique, it’s vital to sustain hope that the problems can be overcome. Positive change requires honesty, but pessimism should be avoided.

For more insights into how to achieve greatness, head over to our Instaread on GOOD TO GREAT.

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