The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Weekend Wisdom – Switch Off Your Autopilot

Goal-setting is a crucial element of success. But not all goals are created equal. In THE CODE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MIND, Vishen Lakhiani offers a simple test you can apply to make sure that you’re pursuing the best possible objectives: make sure your goals don’t rely on the actions of others.

The best goals and ambitions are the ones that are completely within your control.

When you invest too much in wishing for outcomes that rely on other people—a specific promotion, say, or working with a certain mentor—you can’t control the outcome. That can be discouraging, and it can also make you inadvertently shift into autopilot mode. Instead of working hard for something, you’re simply waiting for someone to give it to you.

Instead you should craft goals that connect to your core values. If your objectives are focused on personal and professional growth, giving back to the community, and having meaningful experiences, you’ll be in charge of your own destiny—and stay more engaged.

For more tips on how to lead an exceptional life, check out our Instaread on THE CODE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MIND.

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