Skip the Degree, Gain the Knowledge

Very few people need an MBA, and even fewer want to pay for the expensive degree. But the core principles of a good business education are useful information for anyone to have. Here are two top insights from our latest release, THE PERSONAL MBA: MASTER THE ART OF BUSINESS.

Key Insight 1: Businesses must make the right people aware of their products or services.

Products and services are only valuable if people want them. And people can only want the products and services they know exist. The demands of contemporary society make it difficult to break through and capture prospects’ attention. Smart marketing is about capturing the attention of the right people at the right time. Good marketers are sensitive to receptivity, which is how open a person or audience is to a given product or service.

Key Insight 2: Closing a sale hinges on demonstrating the value of a product or service.

Marketing attracts the notice of a prospective customer. But closing the deal is a separate step that requires proving that the product or service is better than any alternative way in which the customer could spend money. Part of closing the transaction depends on building a trusting relationship with customers, who need to feel like they will get good value for their money.

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