To Sell Is Human

Master the Art of Persuasion

Salespeople aren’t just disreputable used car salesmen, as the old stereotype suggests. In fact, most of us engage in sales or sales-like transactions every day, trying to persuade people to give us their time, money, or attention. Brush up on your technique with two key insights from our Instaread on Daniel Pink’s new bestseller, TO SELL IS HUMAN.

Key Insight 1: Everyone is a salesperson on some level.

Sales is a natural part of professional and personal life. For some, the connection is obvious. Traditional salespeople who work in brick-and-mortar stores, real estate brokers, and manufacturers are directly involved in sales. But there are other forms of persuasion that other people use every day, even if the transaction doesn’t require a purchase. For example, an author must sell his idea to a publisher. Startups sell their ideas to investors to obtain funding. Doctors try to convince their patients to improve their lifestyles or take medications.

Key Insight 2: People are more effective workers when they focus on serving others.

Customer service is a deep and important element of good salesmanship. Good service isn’t just about making sure the customer has a good experience; it’s about truly enhancing the customer’s life. Transactions aren’t just about exchanging resources. Good salespeople work to make the world a better place.

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