As a Man Thinketh

The Secret is Out

New Thought, the spiritual self-help philosophy that recaptured the public’s attention after Rhonda Byrne’s THE SECRET was published in 2006, is more than a century old. But the idea that our thoughts have incredible power to shape our lives is more popular than ever. Here are two key insights from our latest release, AS A MAN THINKETH.

Key Insight 1: All actions are the outcomes of patterns of thought.

Every action you take can be traced to a pattern of thought. Since action follows thought, the only way to improve behavior is to change the mindset underlying it. This has powerful implications for habit building. Without altering your thinking, sustained change simply can’t be accomplished. If the driving thought underlying a new habit is not in line with your true nature, you’ll soon abandon the habit, leading to the erroneous belief that change was never possible.

Key Insight 2: Pursuing a life goal can help build strength of character.

Finding direction in life is essential to the process of obtaining lasting happiness. Without a guiding purpose, a person will inevitably commit the sins of listlessness, boredom, and sloth. Ambitions provide us with the means to improve or corrupt our patterns of thought. Without purpose, we are unable to build strong inner selves capable of withstanding hedonistic temptations and maladaptive impulses.

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