Who Moved My Cheese

Weekend Wisdom – Beyond the Comfort Zone

Like most animals, humans naturally dwell in their comfort zones. In extreme weather, it’s nice to stay at home. Lunch with an old friend feels easier than a meal with someone new. And we feel most capable when we’re doing familiar work over which we have a sense of mastery.

When the opportunity arises, we can thrive outside the comfort zone. But we rarely seek such experiences out; we usually require a push to get there.In WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, author Spencer Johnson recommends voluntarily venturing outside your comfort zones, whatever they may be, at least once in a while.

Go ahead, volunteer for that challenging new project at work. Try a new restaurant instead of going to the same old place. Spend time with people who you might not, as a matter of course, interact with. These little adventures will pay off handsomely if a big change is ever foisted upon you. If you suddenly need to move, say, or find a new job, you’ll be more familiar with the new terrain. For more advice on work and life, check out our Instaread on WHO MOVED MY CHEESE.

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