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Pastor Rick Warren wants to help you. In THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, his book of evangelical Christian teachings, Warren describes a program of spiritual development that answers big-picture questions.

One of Warren’s recommendations is to establish inner circles within large group settings. He’s specifically referring to church, pointing out that while the fellowship of a large congregation provides great value, belonging to a smaller study group can fulfill different needs.Warren’s insight is this: Any time a large group of people comes together, certain voices will dominate the conversation. Belonging to a group-within-the-group helps build the close relationships that ensure everyone feels heard.

His advice can apply to a variety of personal and professional contexts. In a business setting, for instance, small groups might be organized by identity (such as women in senior leadership roles), interest (like reducing the company’s carbon footprint), or even random assignment. These subgroups can meet, discuss an agenda, and bring back their insights to the larger group.Get more out of your life with Instaread’s insights on THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

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