A journalist finally holds Big Tech accountable

Kara Swisher is one of the most famous technology journalists in the world. In her recent memoir, Burn Book, she goes all in on criticizing the industry that made her rich, with few tech leaders escaping her attention. While many onlookers have focused mainly on Swisher’s conflicts with big egos like Elon Musk, some of her most interesting observations are about the technology sector’s relationships with other industries.

Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood

As Big Tech’s influence has grown, Silicon Valley and Hollywood have struggled to mesh. Remember the COVID era, when director Christopher Nolan was furious with WarnerMedia for releasing films on streaming and in theaters simultaneously? Or how every interview with Martin Scorsese talks about his dislike of heavy CGI effects and Marvel movies? Swisher delves into how tech has changed Hollywood, and how Hollywood is pushing back.

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