How bad are your brainworms? 🐛

Have you ever tried to describe a meme or a TikTok feud to a relatively offline individual? More often than not, you will come across as completely deranged. This is especially true with regard to the unhinged world of social media influencers, who, in a better world, we could safely ignore. The problem is that these accounts are amassing millions of followers and considerable political influence. 

Brainworms 101

Tech journalist Taylor Lorenz, currently a reporter for the Washington Post, has carved out a beat trying to explain why people who aren’t terminally online need to care about Mr. Beast. (Frequent users of the platform formerly known as Twitter probably just saw Lorenz’s viral interview with the person behind the notorious LibsofTikTok account. Lorenz herself is often a character in these controversies.) Delve into the social history of the internet and its transformational impact on society with our Instaread on Lorenz’s latest.

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