Shipwrecked! 🌴

Maritime historians have their work cut out for them, especially when they’re writing about shipwrecks. Reconstructing the story of not one, but two, shipwrecks in 1864, Joan Druett has retraced the steps of the crews using survivors’ journals and historical records. Today’s Instaread navigates the dangers of the past.

An Inauspicious Beginning

It’s one thing to watch shows like “Survivor” on TV. But it’s quite another when you’re scrambling for survival without television producers who can rescue you. When the Grafton struck rock and started to sink, the crew frantically salvaged provisions and belongings. They saved bread, flour, coffee, sugar, salt meat, and matches—then boiled pots of hot tea for comfort.

The crew of the Invercauld did not fare so well.

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