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Jared Kushner served for a whirlwind four years in the White House. He had never intended to become involved in politics. But as the son-in-law of Donald Trump, Kushner found himself pulled into the vortex.

In his role as senior advisor to the president, Kushner had front row seats to the presidency. He drafted speeches for Trump and brokered deals abroad. And he helped Trump make difficult decisions about staffing choices, such as the firings of Steve Bannon and Rex Tillerson.

As a Trump loyalist, Kushner presents some of the former president’s most controversial behavior in a positive light. Because Trump’s behavior was unpredictable, with sudden decisions that other leaders did not anticipate, he was eventually successful in achieving many foreign policy goals. His open-minded approach made him friends in unexpected places. And Trump’s adversaries were rarely able to discern when he was bluffing.

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