Who’s the Boss?

We’re seeing a lot of discussion about Elon Musk’s unique management style at Twitter. With billions of dollars riding on his social media experiment, one thing seems clear: the company’s performance depends on its leader. Plenty of people believe in Musk’s ability to make Twitter profitable. But the first few weeks have been rocky, to say the least.

Payroll and employee turnover have a big impact on any company’s finances. (That’s why Musk ordered thousands of layoffs last week.) It’s more difficult to measure how employee morale and institutional knowledge affect the bottom line, but those are also important—and at Twitter, they have both taken a huge hit. 

In a regular cycle of employee turnover, leaders tend to be the reason employees stay or leave. If Musk’s experiment is going to succeed, he’ll need to find a way to bring his remaining workforce along. For insights into how leaders like him can build better cultures at their companies, check out our Instaread on I Love It Here.

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