Don’t be a Victim

You’ve probably noticed that movies and stories have four main types of characters: the victim, the villain, the hero, and the guide. These are the same roles we tend to play in life. In fact, it’s possible you play all four kinds of characters every single day.

What’s important to realize is that the role you play isn’t decided by destiny or external circumstances. It’s entirely self-determined. If you have the mindset of a victim, for instance, you’ll be gloomy and sad, with lots of overwhelming problems. If you adopt the mindset of a villain, you’ll find it difficult to build meaningful relationships.

To be a hero, you have to want something. And more importantly, you have to seek that thing out. To find meaning and happiness in life, you need to adopt a cause that pushes you to act. Get started with our Instaread on Hero on a Mission

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