Learn from the Middle

There’s no such thing as having too many leaders in a workplace.

Famed leadership consultant and author John C. Maxwell doesn’t just define leadership as a top-down phenomenon that is limited to people in managerial roles. Maxwell says that most leadership takes place in the middle of the organizational hierarchy—and that it’s important for these leaders to have opportunities to hone their skills.

By identifying and encouraging leaders at all levels of employment, any organization can grow stronger. The development and professional advancement of these employees will help increase the effectiveness of the workplace overall as long as upper management ensures that everyone’s committed to working together as a team for the good of the organization. If the environment becomes too competitive, with people focusing on self-advancement instead of helping one another, the quality of the work may be compromised.

By connecting to workers and investing in their development regardless of their hierarchical role, people who “lead from the middle” ensure that all team members are playing to their strengths, and that the next generation of leaders will be ready to step up.

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