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Weekend Wisdom – Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s

You know how important it is to eat smart. But were you aware that what you eat can truly make you smarter?

Choosing the right foods can improve your brain’s function now—and protect it later in life by guarding against cognitive decline.

Junk foods that are highly processed or filled with sugar are hard on the body. In addition to problems like weight gain and a lack of nutrients, these foods can trigger a state of alarm in your immune system. When the body panics, it diverts cognitive resources so that the brain underperforms in the short term. Then over time, if the body stays inflamed, it can lead to dementia and other chronic diseases.

What are the foods to reach for? To enhance your brain function, pick up antioxidant-rich options like dark leafy greens, wild salmon, blueberries, and dark chocolate.

Learn more about how to give your brain a boost with our Instaread on GENIUS FOODS.

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