The Go-Giver

Weekend Wisdom – A Great Reason to be Generous

Our businesses are valuable. So what makes more sense: demonstrating that value to potential customers, or hoarding trade secrets and other information like it’s a pile of treasure?

It may seem counterintuitive, but giving things away for free is actually a great way to generate profit.

In the model described in THE GO-GIVER, free information is a lot like the food samples on offer at the grocery store. With a quick gesture of generosity, the store demonstrates its confidence in the quality of a product, establishing a relationship and building trust with the customer.

In your work, what could you give away for free to attract customers? Whether it’s a sample, an initial consultation, or a YouTube tutorial, there are many different ways to promote products and services with a giveaway. Look for more ideas in our Instaread on THE GO-GIVER.

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