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A murder mystery with serious buzz

First-time novelist Charmaine Wilkerson is making waves in the mystery space, combining a juicy cold-case murder with a delicious cake recipe. Truly, what more could a novel need? Black Cake (and its television adaptation, which premieres on Hulu in November) is an absorbing tale of secret identities, family history, and loss. Let’s take a closer look. Long-Buried Secrets […]

Why the KKK got a second wind

The Ku Klux Klan first started using violence and intimidation to uphold white supremacy in the American South after the Civil War. But many people don’t realize that the secretive organization’s real rise to power came later, in the Midwest, when it added other minorities to its hit list, including Catholics, Jews, and immigrants.  The […]

This is America. 🎵

Americans worry a lot about terrorism. But Richard Haass, a foreign policy expert, says that the most significant threat to the country’s security and stability comes from its internal political divisions. These problems undermine the country’s ability to thrive and deal with external threats from Russia, China, and others. Taking Responsibility The thing with democracy is […]

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