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The Psychology of Money

What is your emotional relationship with money? American investor, entrepreneur, and financial coach Tori Dunlap says that most money problems are rooted in emotions like shame and fear. Shifting these negative emotions can improve our finances and boost our well-being. Normalize Talking About Money Our financial decisions are directly impacted by our mindsets and how we […]

What Age is “old”?

Even well into adulthood, most of us find our parents annoying sometimes. When Steven Petrow started making a personal list of what not to do in old age, it consisted mostly of what he thought his mom and dad were doing wrong. But when he turned 63, suddenly he realized: maybe his attitude had been ageist. What age […]

A Journey Worth Taking

Take a break from the news and get your week off to a good start with a nourishing coming-of-age story about the spiritual journey of a young man in ancient India. Step into the world of spiritual quests and self-discovery with our Instaread on Siddhartha. East Meets West Written by Hermann Hesse — a German-Swiss writer, poet, […]

Are You Pretending to be OK?

We all ask one another how we’re feeling when we make small talk. How often do you reply honestly? Our Instaread on How Are You, Really? is a powerful and practical guide to answering the question (at least to yourself) with vulnerability and self-compassion.  Listen Closely Most of us don’t spend enough time considering our emotions, needs, […]

Invisible Enemies

Automating the modern world has made our lives infinitely easier. But it has also introduced new threats into society, including state-sponsored hacking. In our latest Instaread, technology journalist Andy Greenberg shares the story of the Russian hacking group Sandworm. A Rising ThreatCyberspies used to be a bigger problem. Now, the issue has escalated to cyberwar. When […]

The Secret Formula

Entrepreneurial guru Russell Brunson has been into marketing and sales since he was a child. One of his first ventures was selling a DVD about how to make a potato gun. Presumably, he cornered the potato gun market. But our Instaread on Dotcom Secrets will help you find your own target audience and get those new leads to […]

The Story of Everything

The big picture of human history can be terrifying or comforting, depending on how you look at it. In the grand scheme of things, as individuals, we don’t matter much at all. Stars will die and black holes will swallow galaxies. Entropy will eventually destroy everything—including us. What can we accomplish as a society before that […]

Should We Pull The Plug on Social Media?

What have social media platforms done to our society? That’s the unsettling question that international reporter Max Fisher explores in The Chaos Machine. With many examples of how Big Tech has earned billions of dollars by spreading violence, misinformation, and hate speech, Fisher examines how Facebook and other platforms have caused chaos all over the world. […]

Data Doesn’t Lie

Your intuition is a liar. It’s safer to trust the numbers, but data-driven answers are often not what you would expect. They may point to different decisions than what your instincts are telling you. In Don’t Trust Your Gut, data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz demonstrates how data-driven decision making can improve every area of your life. Make More […]

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