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The new Cold War

Earlier this week, TikTok sued the U.S. government over the potential ban that could go into effect as soon as 2025. Experts expect this legal battle will go all the way to the Supreme Court. As various players prepare for this epic showdown, our latest Instaread considers the history of how the U.S. and China have […]

The case for combining work and life

Leadership is part of life, just like anything else. Executive coach Jerry Colonna says that the interplay between personal growth and good leadership is important for both spheres of life. Our latest Instaread looks at some of his top strategies for becoming a better person. Slow and Steady  Personal and professional growth don’t always follow […]

Big Tech’s gatekeepers

The internet began as one thing and has since become another. By the mid-2000s, tech behemoths such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter began to set the terms for how startups and creators connect with their audiences. Billions enjoy access due to their remarkable tech. But what is the cost? The Trade-Offs Pervasive surveillance by […]

How to trust your team

Strong products are important, but the teams behind them matter most. Empowered teams need both incredible ideas and the means to quickly test them. That starts with senior leadership. How can you make sure that everyone involved has what they need to do their best work? Teamwork 101 Strong collaboration comes from the top down. […]

The breast cancer myth

Women’s medical research has always been underfunded, which leaves a lot of room for misinformation and alt-health grifters. Estrogen treatments were considered the gold standard for treating menopause until a flawed study suggested that it raises the risk of breast cancer. Our latest Instaread examines the case for reinstating this wonder drug. Higher Quality of […]

Is social justice making progress?

Modern identity politics has gotten out of hand. At least that’s the argument of Yascha Mounk, public intellectual and professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University. He says that American culture has shifted into an obsession with group identity that stifles dialogue and promotes division.  A Changing World Over the past few decades, the […]

Be more persuasive

Change is challenging. This can lead people to cling to the status quo even when making a move would be highly beneficial. Our latest Instaread examines how to remove barriers to change and be more convincing at work and at home. Highlight Losses When circumstances are dire, people tend to take action. But when conditions […]

The secret to everything

Consistency is the secret to anything and everything. It’s that simple. This advice applies to pretty much every area of life. Our brains crave familiarity, which makes it easy to repeat bad patterns. But the good news is it makes it easier to repeat good patterns, too.  You Need a New Identity Instead of chasing […]

Stop worrying about money

You know those financial advisors who say that you should stop buying fancy coffees? Forget ’em. Giving up on your daily latte isn’t going to solve your money problems, but it might make you miserable. Money expert Jared Dillian has some better advice: start concentrating on major financial decisions and stop sweating the small stuff. […]

Big data? No problem.

The field of data engineering moves so fast that it can be challenging to stay on top of best practices and new approaches. That’s why data experts Joe Reis and Matt Housley partnered on a field guide that covers everything from easy concepts to advanced practices. Our latest Instaread hits the high points of this […]

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