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Disrupt your diet

The traditional diets of Mediterranean and Asian countries have common denominators that include nutrient-dense whole foods, unprocessed ingredients, and moderation. Dr. William W. Li’s “MediterAsian” way of eating has been endorsed by celebrities like Tony Robbins, Kelly Ripa, Bono, and Richard Branson. Our latest Instaread takes a closer look at his recommendations. Optimize Your Metabolism Metabolism […]

The birth of AI

Artificial intelligence was born at one of the most boring-sounding places in the world: the US Weather Bureau in Washington, D.C. The year was earlier than you might think—1958. And Cornell University professor Frank Rosenblatt had something to show people. It was a machine connected to a computer, and its name was Perceptron.  No, Perceptron […]

Flexible ways to make more money

You don’t need an innovative, paradigm-shifting business idea to be successful. You can start small and find business everywhere. It’s called a side hustle, and our latest Instaread will teach you how to build one. Fringe Benefits  There’s one obvious reason to take on a side hustle: money. But there are other mental, emotional, and […]

How to get what you deserve

With every breath, we become new versions of ourselves. Acknowledging this helps us put more emphasis on our present purpose instead of past accomplishments or some vague future goal. We achieve real fulfillment when the risks, choices, and efforts we make in each given moment align with a larger purpose in life. No Regrets Most […]

Let’s avoid another arms race

Max Tegmark is a professor of physics at MIT. He’s also the president of the somewhat sinister sounding Future of Life Institute, the group that authored the letter asking for a six-month pause on the development of advanced artificial intelligence. You know, to preserve the future of humanity. What Needs Sorting?  It’s easy to get […]

The business brawl of the century

When it was built in the 1960s, Caesars Palace was designed to be one of the most opulent hotels in Las Vegas. But after the financial crisis of 2008, the whole operation—which investors had assumed was impervious to swings in the economy—was in dire financial straits. By 2012, the possibility of bankruptcy was growing by […]

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