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Is credit ruining the world?

Debt is everywhere, but no one likes to talk about it. In modern society, the idea of paying one’s debt has become synonymous with morality—which makes it feel shameful not to pay. Anthropologist and activist David Graeber pointed out that debtors aren’t the ones who need to be redeemed. Let’s take a closer look. Capitalism […]

How to serve Future You

We live in a fast-paced world. But what happens when we pay attention to the things that remain constant amidst major changes? Looking for lasting stability instead of chasing the next trend can help you optimize risks, feel fulfilled, and achieve success. The Long Game The concept of long-term thinking influences the types of information […]

Emo Management 101

Upper management is often stereotyped as cold and unfeeling. But increasingly,  management science tells us that emotional intelligence is the key to effective leadership. Emotionally intelligent leaders inspire their teams and enjoy better outcomes. How can we better manage volatile variables like mood, morale, and motivation at work? Mood Matters Experts say that about 50 […]

Can marketing be evil?

Have you watched Pain Hustlers on Netflix? It’s based on the story of Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that played a big part in the U.S. opioid crisis. The company’s product was a fentanyl spray to treat severe pain that could have helped a small number of critically ill patients. Instead, it spread suffering among people who never […]

How to pay for college

Higher education is absurdly expensive in the United States. Financing a college education in America costs more than some family homes, a problem that has fed the student loan crisis. Our latest release takes a hard look at how to choose a college, as well as how to pay for it.  Does Size Matter? Smaller […]

You were born to fail

As a cop, Secret Service agent, politician, television show host, and podcaster, Dan Bongino has failed his way through a lot of high-profile jobs. In fact, he believes that learning from those failures is what gave his career real momentum. His new memoir explores the alchemy of transforming mistakes into gold. Failing Is Teamwork You might […]

How to survive AI

There have been a lot of scary headlines about artificial intelligence. But underneath the drama, AI has been quietly become part of our lives, embedded in the products, services, and devices we use daily. So which is it? Is AI our worst nightmare, or could it just be…helpful? Managing Risk In The Coming Wave, AI expert […]

The next frontier in marketing

Welcome to the era of Quantum Marketing, when emerging technologies and mountains of data are making brands rethink everything. Agencies have been disrupted, purpose and ethics in advertising are gaining prominence, and trust has become a competitive advantage. Our latest Instaread navigates the new normal. Multisensory Marketing Are you marketing to all five senses? Quantum […]

The starlet who took down the crown

When Meghan Markle was a little girl, she watched recordings of Princess Diana’s wedding. She could not have known then that she would grow up to marry Prince Harry and severely undercut the Royal Family’s longstanding reputation. The ambition, scandals, and torn relationships that happened along the way are the subjects of our latest Instaread.  […]

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