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Crazy Enough to Work

Are you shooting down your team’s best ideas? Success can lead us to dismiss breakthrough projects that seem too radical or expensive—but that’s where the path to innovation is. In LOONSHOTS, entrepreneur and physicist Safi Bahall describes how to question the cautious instincts that are holding you back. See why it was named one of the best […]

How to Crowdsource Happiness

This isn’t science fiction. The people you pass on the street have the ability to unlock powerful biological reactions in your body, triggering the release of hormones that make you feel happier for the rest of the day. These scientifically significant boosts from interactions with friendly strangers help shape our physical and mental health. Learn more […]

Craft a Flawless Pitch

Twenty minutes. That’s how long you have to impress someone, according to venture capitalist Oren Klaff. Using research from the field of neuroscience, Klaff offers a compelling guide for how to give an effective sales presentation. Ready to craft the perfect pitch? Seal the deal with our Instaread on PITCH ANYTHING.

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