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When the worst happens

Solomon Northup’s ordeal began when he woke up in the dungeon. He had been a free Black man who thought he was taking a job as a traveling musician. Instead, his “employers” had drugged him and smuggled him out of New York, and when he regained his senses, he found himself chained to the floor. […]

Will you ever retire?

Retiring early isn’t just for the one percent. But the old plan—work for 40 years and retire on saved income–is no longer working for most people. Our latest Instaread, Set for Life, is designed to help people who earn a median income and have little or no savings produce retirement-level wealth in less than 10 years. Sound […]

Why is it so hard to focus?

Doomscrolling is bad for your soul. Now researchers know that it’s also bad for your attention span. The constant availability of browser tabs, apps, and social media platforms triggers our minds to jump from one topic to another. How can we reclaim our valuable cognitive resources? How to Find Peace The constant influx of emails, […]

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