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Don’t be Your Own Worst Enemy

Everyone has a story. Today’s Instaread summary will change the way you conceptualize and tell that story, to yourself and to other people in the world. In Choose Your Story, Change Your Life, storyteller and keynote speaker Kindra Hall explains what stories are, explores their power, and details how you can rewrite the bad ones into better […]

Apple at a Glance

Apple has been one of the few companies in Big Tech untouched by mass layoffs. One of the reasons is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has relentlessly focused on building the business. But there has been a creative cost. What happens when a company loses a driving force like Steve Jobs? Our Instaread on After Steve lays […]

Adapt or Die

It’s survival of the fittest out there, and Instaread is here to help you evolve. Today’s summary explores how leaders must adapt to stay relevant. In Leadershift, leadership expert John C. Maxwell explains the shifts in mindset that leaders must make. Leadership, like everything else, keeps evolving, and leaders need to keep learning and rediscovering what […]

The King of Bad Bosses

In the US, big bosses such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists are hailed as the most brilliant minds. Increased shareholder value is celebrated as if it were a major medical breakthrough. But the tactics and strategies they use—downsizing, outsourcing, deal making, and shareholder primacy—are destabilizing the middle class and making the world a more […]

Who Runs The World?

The shifting balance of geopolitical power among nations depends on, well, power—the flow and supply of the energy sector, the role of renewables, and trends in climate-related politics.  You can trace tensions and alliances among countries all over the world with a close look at how energy flows. But be careful, because this “power map” […]

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