What are You Selling?

On some level, everyone works in sales—even people who don’t have a job. From stay-at-home parents to politicians, every adult role requires some element of a persuasion. If you haven’t yet given serious thought to what exactly you’re selling (and how to sell it better), you’re likely underperforming. Ready to step up and sharpen your sales […]

How to Assess Your Strengths

In today’s world, self-management is often driven by the data we collect from our devices. But long before there was the Apple Watch or Fitbit, there was Peter F. Drucker, a visionary thinker who wrote at the intersection of personal and professional development. MANAGING ONESELF distills some of his best advice on optimization. Here are two key […]

Master the Art of Persuasion

Salespeople aren’t just disreputable used car salesmen, as the old stereotype suggests. In fact, most of us engage in sales or sales-like transactions every day, trying to persuade people to give us their time, money, or attention. Brush up on your technique with two key insights from our Instaread on Daniel Pink’s new bestseller, TO SELL […]

Build a Better Company

The best, most enduring companies weren’t necessarily built on ironclad business plans. Industry leaders with staying power grew their companies around core principles that motivate customers to remain loyal to the brand, even as products change and services come and go. How can we learn from their success? Our Instaread on BUILT TO LAST provides […]

Get a Social Media Makeover

Are you savvy enough about social media marketing? Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says that engagement—making conversation, having a laugh, and soliciting opinions—is more important than your sales pitch, and that this social media micro-content should be tailored for each distinct platform. Here are two key insights from our latest release, JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK. Key Insight […]

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