Get Your Way Every Time

William Ury has helped end civil wars. And as the co-founder of the Global Negotiation Project at Harvard University, Ury believes the negotiation techniques he has used in dramatic situations apply to the ordinary problems that we encounter every day. Whether you need to seal a business deal or settle a disagreement with your spouse, […]

Free Advice From a Billionaire

As the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has amassed billions of dollars in wealth. An outspoken critic of conventional wisdom about investing, Buffett has developed his own investment philosophy. Here are two top insights from THE ESSAYS OF WARREN BUFFETT. Key Insight 1: Stocks should be purchased with the intention to hold them indefinitely. Investors […]

Shorten Your Workday

What if you could take most afternoons off? Or work just three days a week? According to the Harvard Business School lecturer Robert Pozen, the standard eight-hour day is needlessly long for most jobs. By identifying priorities and rethinking your task list, you can cut your hours—or at least stop taking work home. Start your time-management […]

Don’t Get Tongue-Tied

Salespeople know a lot about making effective presentations. But when it’s time to close the deal, many falter with a weak finish. (“Well, what do you think?”) Subtle turns of phrase can make or break these conversations, especially when money is on the line. Learn how to say the right thing at the right time […]

Think Like a Leader

Being a smart leader isn’t necessarily about training and knowledge. It’s about mindset: knowing how to apply the right cognitive lens to the situation at hand. High achievers have supple minds that move easily between different points of view. Ready to put on your thinking cap? Check out our Instaread on John C. Maxwell’s HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE […]

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