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Follow Your Desire

The word “slut” isn’t necessarily offensive. It’s a term that should be reclaimed by anyone who enjoys sex because it’s pleasurable, according to the authors of The Ethical Slut. Traditional ideas about marriage date back to the agrarian era, when large families were necessary for survival. These same values are often seen today, even though there are […]

Avoid Dating Mistakes

In dating, you need to set boundaries. If a relationship isn’t a win-win for both people, it’s never worth pursuing. The first rule is to never sell yourself short. Giving up things that are important to you—the things that make you who you are—just looks unattractive and undignified. So don’t do it. Another rule of […]

How to Be Cool

Step One: You have to put in the effort. Matthew McConaughey had to work hard at being cool. To get people’s attention in Hollywood, he couldn’t just let a fancy red sports car do the work. He had to be fun and engaging. Before McConaughey was an actor, he was in film school. But he realized […]

Why Beliefs Are Resistant to Change

Most of us regard our beliefs as rational. More often, though, moral reasoning is more like a politician than a scientist: it seeks justification and support, not the truth. This bias means that we’re heavily inclined to assume that our beliefs are correct—even when presented with evidence that proves otherwise. Psychologists call this phenomenon confirmation […]

Why the Numbers Won’t Lie

Sometimes opinions just aren’t enough. To truly understand the status of your company at any given moment, you need hard data. Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying that what gets measured gets managed. Seeking out data is always the first step in improving a process. Therefore tracking the right numbers for your company is a […]

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