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Looks aren’t Everything

Here’s a sobering statistic: about half of girls between the ages of five and nine wish they were skinnier. Before they’re even old enough to read, these kids are taught that being thin is what it means to be beautiful. Kindergarteners should not be anxious about their weight.  Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern […]

Thinking About a Job Change?

The labor market has been especially volatile over the last few years, which has led to many people contemplating major career moves. But making a big change can be intimidating. For married couples, and especially people with children, the calculus is very complicated. Here’s a modest proposal: try implementing small changes before you make a […]

Have You Hit Your Optimal Speed?

Kenyans have dominated the world running scene for decades. Fascinated by their superiority, journalist and cross-country runner Adharanand Finn moved his family from their home in England to Kenya for six months so he could train with the best. One of the techniques that Finn learned was barefoot running. Our bodies are made to run […]

The War on Secrets

Information has always been a valuable resource. For thousands of years, codemakers have struggled to hide secrets—and codebreakers have worked just as hard to find them. Codes have decided the results of wars and the fates of kings and queens, who historically relied on secret communication to keep sensitive messages out of the wrong hands. […]

Do You Trust Yourself?

The ways in which you experience the world—all your perceptions and emotions—feel fundamentally true. But are they? After all, the human brain hasn’t evolved to understand itself perfectly. Its main function is to help you survive.  In service of that, your brain isn’t above obscuring the truth, or even telling lies. Consider your emotions. When you’re […]

What Makes a Top CEO?

Since the mid-1900s, the degree to which a CEO is a key predicator of a company’s success has more than doubled. But over that same period, the job has become exponentially more difficult. Today’s CEOs must effectively manage new problems like technological change, a volatile workforce, and cybersecurity threats. On top of those challenges, more […]

The Other Pandemic

Elton John is accustomed to singing for audiences all over the world. But the scariest performances he’s ever had to put on were for the US government. Over the years, he’s made a number of nerve-wracking presentations to urge leaders to help him in the fight against HIV and AIDS.  One of John’s key points […]

Don’t be a Scammer

We’re living through a new age of scammers. How many influencers have tried to sell you some dubious life-changing potion on Instagram? And don’t even get us started on the recent trend of crypto scams. Charles Schwab, the American investor and entrepreneur who built a huge financial services firm from scratch, had a key insight […]

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