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Weird Science

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling, or had your Spidey sense tingle? Whatever you want to call it, human intuition is real—and you should listen to what it tells you, even when it’s something you can’t explain. Scientists generally aren’t fans of theories they can’t prove. But there is a branch of true believers […]

Decoding Cultural Difference

The effects of globalization mean that you’re probably talking with folks from all over the world every day, at work or at home. But the same conversation style might be considered rude in Japan and meek in France. How should we navigate these differences? Understanding different norms across cultures can make or break a transaction […]

The Third Big Bang

When the Biological Big Bang kicked off hundreds of millions of years ago, complex organisms seriously leveled up. Scientists are still trying to figure out why life on Earth changed so much during the Cambrian Period, shifting from single-cell organisms to the much more complicated plant and animal life we know today. Michael Dell, the […]

Warren Buffett’s Best Advice

When Warren Buffett was just 11 years old, he predicted that he’d become a billionaire. (He was certainly right!) Everyone assumes that he became one of the richest men in the world by making investments. But a key factor in his success was also not making investments. Buffett chooses the companies he invests in very, very carefully. […]

The Man Behind the Conspiracy Theories

Before he became the subject of all those strange conspiracy theories, George Soros was best known as an honest-to-goodness businessperson and international philanthropist. At age 91, he still has billions, but that’s not even the most interesting thing about him. He survived Nazi Germany before he ever became a student of economics.  His early brush […]

Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

You’ve heard the most common weight-loss advice: eat less and move more. It might sound simple, but special diets and exercise equipment can be expensive, difficult, and unpleasant to maintain. And if you don’t maintain the regimen—well, you know what happens. The weight piles back on. An increasingly popular alternative is intermittent fasting, which can […]

Inside the House of War

According to Islamic religious law, the world is made up of two parts: the house of Islam and the house of war.  This rule came in handy for non-Muslim rulers who lived in the time of the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for more than six centuries. As long as opponents accepted the Ottoman sultan as […]

Can You Spy the Lie?

Special equipment and advanced training aren’t necessary. All you need is to learn how to interview people properly and evaluate how they respond. Take body language, which carries all sorts of information. The classic visual indicator that someone is lying is nodding the head while verbally denying something (or vice versa). A liar might also […]

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