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Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

The Information Age has caused rapid societal shifts over the last decades that were accelerated by the pandemic. As the world becomes more and more online, we’re learning new things about ourselves and what it means to be a citizen in the fourth age of society (the first three being hunter-gatherer, agricultural, and industrial). This […]

Why Trust Matters

Humanity has had a rough few years, which pessimists have taken as proof that the world keeps getting worse. Objectively, however, life for most people has increased in quality. Global poverty is declining, living conditions are improving, mortality is decreasing, and prosperity is flourishing. In The Rational Optimist, scientist and author Matt Ridley explains that working […]

How to Engage Hyperfocus Mode

Forty seconds. That’s how long most people can work on a computer before they are distracted or interrupted. That’s not enough time to get your work done, obviously, so the question becomes: how can you focus better? Productivity expert Chris Bailey says that we can engage hyperfocus, a mode in which we focus on a […]

The Problem with Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is deeply corrupt. The problem is systemic: the companies value profit over patients, when it needs to be the other way around. The problem has worsened over the last few decades, as trials have moved from university settings to for-profit clinical research shops. These organizations are highly commercial and, worse, exploitative, conducting […]

The Next Cultural Revolution

What is Critical Race Theory? According to James Lindsay, an author and mathematician, it’s a vehicle for the new Communist agenda.  It’s difficult to define CRT, in part because many of its adherents disagree about what it is. According to Lindsay, this is a deliberate strategy to blur the line, move goalposts, and invent new […]

Why You Should Fail with Pride

Failure and setbacks aren’t just a normal part of life. They’re also an important part of discovering your life’s purpose. Plenty of people in history were rejected for the very thing that would later make them famous. Walt Disney lost a job at a newspaper because he supposedly lacked creativity. Bill Gates’s first business was […]

Elevate Your Vibes

From the frontiers of new spirituality, healer and connoisseur of good vibes Sue Morter is reporting on the intricacies of energy healing research. Describing her field as a combination of quantum physics and neuroscience, Morter uses methods that are unconventional. She works with energy to make people healthier, happier, and more self-possessed.  One of Morter’s […]

Ready for a Road Trip?

The year is 1954. Emmett and Billy—two young brothers from Nebraska—are on a cross-country road trip with two other boys Emmett met in juvenile detention. The four set off for New York City, but the other boys are scammers who steal the car. Stranded but determined to track them down, Emmett and Billy embark on […]

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