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The Dark Side of Evolution

When we think about what sets humans apart from other animals, we often focus on our positive traits. We create art, debate ideas, and have religions. We exist in all environments and habitats, from tropical forests and deserts to the Arctic. We’ve even expanded into space. Among these commendable qualities, there’s one that puts our […]

Dump Your Emotional Baggage

Emotions can get trapped in our subconscious mind after unsettling events, leading to physical and mental discomfort. How can we learn to let go? Bradley Nelson, a “medical intuitive” who specializes in energy psychology and healing, believes that emotions are energy vibrations produced by the body. When they’re working for us, emotions can inspire, guide […]

How to Use Debt

Did you know that debt can be preferable to savings? The key is to use debt to invest in assets. This method can earn you more money in the long run than compounded interest because of the potential for big returns on investment and tax breaks. Real estate, for example, is a great asset class. […]

Why Fear is so Useful

Fear is like a wild horse; if you learn how to control it, you can use its power to your benefit. In order to tame your fear, first you need to reframe your attitude. Try to be pleasant, welcoming, trustful, and even affectionate toward it, like you would treat an old friend. This isn’t just […]

Should You Quit Your Job?

Each day seems longer than the one that came before. You drag yourself to work and spend every hour watching the clock. Somehow every email, project, and meeting seems more boring than the last. When the day’s finally done, there are a few hours of relief until the dread sets in with the knowledge that […]

Peer Inside a Brilliant Mind

When international affairs icon Madeline Albright died last March, the world lost a powerful political mind. As the first female Secretary of State, Albright served on Bill Clinton’s cabinet and guided the country through many crises. It had been a long path to the top. Albright was born in Prague, just before the start of […]

How to Push Through Anything

Grieving is a natural process, which means the only way out is through. Losing a loved one touches everything in your life. But many cultures treat it as a problem that has a quick fix. Instead of pretending like you’re not in pain, treat your emotional wound as something that needs tending. Your inner life […]

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