Life Advice From an Insta Superstar Poet

Yung Pueblo, the young man known also as Diego Perez, is a huge personality on Instagram and other social media platforms. His writing emphasizes the power of self-healing, developing good relationships, and knowing yourself. Our latest Instaread delves into his recent bestseller, Lighter. Change Is Normal We all have a tendency to respond to change with […]

Elite Training and Extreme Endurance

David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL, is the only person in the world who has completed SEAL training, Army Ranger training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. He has also finished more than 70 ultra-distance races and held a world record for 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours. Today we’re looking at David’s […]

Do You Need to Manage Your Moods?

Moods happen. We feel happy. We feel sad. We feel angry. We can’t eliminate these emotions, but we can learn to control them better. That’s where our latest Instaread summary comes in: The Book of Moods. Wake Up with a Smile Our emotional responses to events are closely linked to the way we interpret those occurrences. But these interpretations […]

Tips From an Anxiety Coach

Do you struggle with negative self-image? Derick Howell is a public speaker and an anxiety coach who’s been honing his techniques for more than a decade. Our Instaread on Eliminate Negative Thinking will restore your energy and help you move forward with a better attitude.  Here are 7 quick tricks for breaking negative thought patterns. Talk about […]

How to Empower Yourself

How can we cultivate an inner light that can guide us through dark times? Former first lady Michelle Obama has learned a lot of coping mechanisms over the course of her life and career. Part memoir, part self-help guide, The Light We Carry explores her suggestions. Let’s get into it. Wake Up with a SmileYou can begin by […]

Thinking Outside Your Brain

Your brain is not a closed-off control area where all the thinking takes place. In The Extended Mind, science writer Annie Murphy Paul uses research from psychologists, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists to prove that intelligence, superior memory, and sharp attention stem from interactions between our brains, bodies, spaces, and relationships. Using her practical methods, we can […]

Don’t be Your Own Worst Enemy

Everyone has a story. Today’s Instaread summary will change the way you conceptualize and tell that story, to yourself and to other people in the world. In Choose Your Story, Change Your Life, storyteller and keynote speaker Kindra Hall explains what stories are, explores their power, and details how you can rewrite the bad ones into better […]

Can You Make The Jump?

We often talk about aging in terms of decline, both physically and with regard to our cognitive abilities. But there are some specific ways in which we naturally get smarter and more skillful over time.  Think of it as your second wind. Understanding, developing, and practicing these new strengths will be the key to your […]

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