Battling the Attention Crisis

Modern life has made it increasingly difficult to focus on a single task. We know that brain-powered activities like reading, meditating, and even daydreaming have high value. But be honest: when was the last time you successfully read anything for half an hour without checking your messages? If you feel like your attention span has […]

Looks aren’t Everything

Here’s a sobering statistic: about half of girls between the ages of five and nine wish they were skinnier. Before they’re even old enough to read, these kids are taught that being thin is what it means to be beautiful. Kindergarteners should not be anxious about their weight.  Renee Engeln, a psychology professor at Northwestern […]

Do You Trust Yourself?

The ways in which you experience the world—all your perceptions and emotions—feel fundamentally true. But are they? After all, the human brain hasn’t evolved to understand itself perfectly. Its main function is to help you survive.  In service of that, your brain isn’t above obscuring the truth, or even telling lies. Consider your emotions. When you’re […]

Can a Post-it Make You Smarter?

Note-taking is an underrated skill. When you have a good system, you don’t have to worry about remembering information later. Writing stuff down frees up your mind to concentrate on the important work of having your own ideas. But notes function as more than just an external hard drive. They can also help you think […]

How to Invest in Yourself

Your personal assets make up your “identity capital.” Think of this capital as more colorful than a resumé and more complicated than a brand. Your identity capital includes all your experiences over a period of time: your education, your job, your hobbies, and even what you post on social media.  When you’re at a crossroads […]

God’s Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that God has a plan for your life. And fortunately for you, that plan involves getting rich. Inspired by his Jewish faith and the Torah, Lapin has developed 10 commandments for making money. The first one is simple enough: believe in yourself, and your business. People often mistake the business world […]

Weird Science

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling, or had your Spidey sense tingle? Whatever you want to call it, human intuition is real—and you should listen to what it tells you, even when it’s something you can’t explain. Scientists generally aren’t fans of theories they can’t prove. But there is a branch of true believers […]

Can You Spy the Lie?

Special equipment and advanced training aren’t necessary. All you need is to learn how to interview people properly and evaluate how they respond. Take body language, which carries all sorts of information. The classic visual indicator that someone is lying is nodding the head while verbally denying something (or vice versa). A liar might also […]

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