The new art of the deal

Your personal and professional lives are full of opportunities to negotiate. Compromise is an art, not a competition. By unlocking the power of empathy and understanding, you can develop strategies to influence positive outcomes every time. Humanize Yourself Establishing a personal connection means a lot in a world where people can feel like anonymous entities. […]

Get it done!

If you’re always waiting for the perfect moment, that time may never come. And putting things off comes with a steep price; research shows that procrastination has harmful effects that are comparable to alcohol and drug abuse. To overcome chronic procrastination, willpower isn’t enough. You’re going to need a system. Try These Techniques  You can […]

Don’t be shy

Networking is easy for some people. But for introverts, it can feel inauthentic and draining. Business consultant and coach Matthew Pollard has developed a proven process for introverts to overcome their fear of networking, build genuine connections, and set themselves apart. Narrow Your Focus Finding your passion is the easy part. Locating your niche can […]

Can TikTok fix your life?

Some influencers use their social media channels to sell makeup, supplements, or shapewear. Dr. Julie Smith has a higher purpose: she creates TikTok videos to make mental health education accessible to everyone. Her mission has earned her more than 4 million followers on that platform. In our latest Instaread, we look at her practical advice […]

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