Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

As bosses, consultants, parents, and friends, we often find ourselves in the position to coach other people. In our latest Instaread, Marion Franklin, a certified professional life coach, runs through how to avoid common mistakes, stay focused on the person you’re coaching, ask great questions, and challenge common beliefs and ideas.  How to Course Correct A […]

How to get what you deserve

With every breath, we become new versions of ourselves. Acknowledging this helps us put more emphasis on our present purpose instead of past accomplishments or some vague future goal. We achieve real fulfillment when the risks, choices, and efforts we make in each given moment align with a larger purpose in life. No Regrets Most […]

How to play the long game

Dr. Benjamin Hardy says that it’s so hard to imagine yourself years down the road that your future self is basically a stranger. We have to adjust our mindsets to compensate for this quirk of human psychology. Our latest Instaread can help you bridge the gap between your envisioned future and your current reality.  Do […]

You’re More Creative Than You Think

Creativity isn’t just for artists; in fact, you can cultivate it just like you can learn a new language or instrument. Creative thinking can lead to new possibilities, greater courage, and persistence in overcoming obstacles. Cultivating this skill will increase your chances of performing well at work—and truly making a difference in the world. Practice […]

The Art of Asking Questions

As a prosecutor and a politician, Trey Gowdy knows how to ask a good question. Using real-world examples of how questions can obtain important info, challenge assumptions, and cut to the heart of the matter, our Instaread on Doesn’t Hurt to Ask is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a better communicator.  Why Bother? Asking […]

You’ve Got Three Options

Every decision comes down to one of three options: start something new, stay where you are, or leave. Trey Gowdy, a lawyer and politician, has developed a guide for anyone evaluating these choices. Weigh the possibilities, evaluate your goals, and make the best possible decision every time with our Instaread on Start, Stay, or Leave. Success […]

What Age is “old”?

Even well into adulthood, most of us find our parents annoying sometimes. When Steven Petrow started making a personal list of what not to do in old age, it consisted mostly of what he thought his mom and dad were doing wrong. But when he turned 63, suddenly he realized: maybe his attitude had been ageist. What age […]

Are You Pretending to be OK?

We all ask one another how we’re feeling when we make small talk. How often do you reply honestly? Our Instaread on How Are You, Really? is a powerful and practical guide to answering the question (at least to yourself) with vulnerability and self-compassion.  Listen Closely Most of us don’t spend enough time considering our emotions, needs, […]

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