Dump Your Emotional Baggage

Emotions can get trapped in our subconscious mind after unsettling events, leading to physical and mental discomfort. How can we learn to let go? Bradley Nelson, a “medical intuitive” who specializes in energy psychology and healing, believes that emotions are energy vibrations produced by the body. When they’re working for us, emotions can inspire, guide […]

Why Fear is so Useful

Fear is like a wild horse; if you learn how to control it, you can use its power to your benefit. In order to tame your fear, first you need to reframe your attitude. Try to be pleasant, welcoming, trustful, and even affectionate toward it, like you would treat an old friend. This isn’t just […]

How to Push Through Anything

Grieving is a natural process, which means the only way out is through. Losing a loved one touches everything in your life. But many cultures treat it as a problem that has a quick fix. Instead of pretending like you’re not in pain, treat your emotional wound as something that needs tending. Your inner life […]

Are You an Imposter?

If you’ve ever felt that you’re unworthy of your success, your friendships, or your family, you’re likely struggling with imposter syndrome. Feelings are important, but they aren’t always accurate. And they have a way of shaping the way we see the world, like looking through a distorted lens. As humans, we tend to look for […]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Some of us have always struggled to strike up conversations and make good first impressions. And plenty more people felt their social skills erode over the course of the pandemic. Don’t worry: feeling a little nervous around new people is very common, and the easiest way to overcome it is just accepting the discomfort, which […]

How to Fine-Tune Your Moods

Your brain is a natural operating system. And we’re lucky enough to live in an era where this OS is increasingly well understood. Simple techniques can activate the chemicals in your brain that make you feel most happy. Here are a few suggestions. Celebrate small victories. Big successes are few and far between, so it pays […]

Why You Should Fail with Pride

Failure and setbacks aren’t just a normal part of life. They’re also an important part of discovering your life’s purpose. Plenty of people in history were rejected for the very thing that would later make them famous. Walt Disney lost a job at a newspaper because he supposedly lacked creativity. Bill Gates’s first business was […]

Elevate Your Vibes

From the frontiers of new spirituality, healer and connoisseur of good vibes Sue Morter is reporting on the intricacies of energy healing research. Describing her field as a combination of quantum physics and neuroscience, Morter uses methods that are unconventional. She works with energy to make people healthier, happier, and more self-possessed.  One of Morter’s […]

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