Make Your Money Work for You

The last few years have vividly demonstrated that some money matters are outside our personal control. Even the savviest investors can’t change the fact that financial losses will inevitably happen. What we can control is how we respond. Financial literacy has never been more important, but it’s not taught in most classrooms. When kids think about money, […]

How to be an Influencer

How do you build a huge following for your YouTube channel? The answer might surprise you: aim your material at a tiny target audience. It may seem counterintuitive, but you should focus your first videos on a niche topic. The more specific, the better. The best way to become recognized as an expert in the […]

How to Mix Things Up

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are constantly harvesting your data in the name of improving their offerings. But did you know that, if you use their services frequently, they are also likely performing experiments on you? It’s all part of smart experimentation in the age of Big Data. Companies in the 21st century have learned […]

What Makes a Product Successful?

Most businesses begin with ideas about products and services. But often, during the development process, too much emphasis is placed on product features.  The product is important, of course. But it should always be secondary to your business objectives.  With the right objectives in place, the product team will have its marching orders. They will […]

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