The Secret Language of Math

From sports coaches to marketing experts, we all use numbers every day. We need them to understand the world around us, to communicate with each other, and—sometimes—to convince people to take action. Just one problem: the human brain didn’t evolve to readily digest big numbers.  It’s not just you; none of us have the right […]

How to Retire Early

If you want to retire early, you need to make sure that you’re focusing on the right strategies now. Just working hard to get a raise probably isn’t going to get you there. There are three main types of income: ordinary, portfolio, and passive. Ordinary income is working for money in the form of paychecks, […]

How to Create Branded Content

A post is never just a post, especially if you want to be a paid influencer. No matter what platforms you’re using, brands will be scrutinizing your content to see if you’re someone they want to do business with. They’re closely studying photos of you and photos of your surroundings to see if your image […]

The Invisible Influencers

The most talented ones are all but invisible. But whether or not you know their names, public relations professionals deeply influence our day-to-day lives, working behind the scenes to shape our opinions. The public requires information about…well, everything. And we use that information to formulate the judgments that make the world move—pressuring politicians, interacting with businesses, […]

Make Your Money Work for You

The last few years have vividly demonstrated that some money matters are outside our personal control. Even the savviest investors can’t change the fact that financial losses will inevitably happen. What we can control is how we respond. Financial literacy has never been more important, but it’s not taught in most classrooms. When kids think about money, […]

How to be an Influencer

How do you build a huge following for your YouTube channel? The answer might surprise you: aim your material at a tiny target audience. It may seem counterintuitive, but you should focus your first videos on a niche topic. The more specific, the better. The best way to become recognized as an expert in the […]

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